Washington Post Experts on drug and drug policy

The greater drug culture is no longer relatively fringe. It’s grown increasingly mainstream, and the nation’s nation-states have joined the new marketplace. But which states are best positioned to reap economic rewards from the so-called “happy pill” trade?

Where are Americans getting their drugs? Who is selling them to them? What are the other countries doing with their markets? What are business opportunities and headaches for the U.S. national security apparatus? Can American social scientists and even medical professionals navigate the space? How can a community of academics safely oversee the burgeoning industry? Where is the American student body going when it comes to experimenting with drugs? And how much responsibility should Big Pharma really be taking on and lobbying for against the decades-long war on drugs? Host Elliot Hannon brings you these answers as well as updates on an array of cutting-edge drugs under development.

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