Claire the Scottish deerhound gets a not-so-subtle shoutout from PETA

Don’t let the name fool you — the Scottish deerhound is more than just beautiful eyes and a muscular disposition.

Scottish deerhounds are speedy hunters, and Claire the winner of Best in Show on Monday night is a ravenous specimen. As Brian Delaney of NBC Universal writes in PETA’s praise for her: “Nothing keeps this woman from preying on every stray and defenseless creature that crosses her path. She is considered the best hunting dog in the world and has the wisdom of a mature adult.” describes Scotland’s famous five deerhounds.

Claire was 14 years old when she took home the title in this year’s competition — and now she has more choices than the other dogs that came before her. This is not the first time she has won — her two wins were the first of her many National Dog Show titles.

Claire is one of five Scottish deerhounds that have won this title before, according to ScotsTV. She also has an overlong resume. She is a former winner of Best in Hound at Westminster. She was also a National Dog Show Reserve Champion in 2016.

Claire’s canine doppelganger

But if another Scottish deerhound takes Claire’s final title tonight, we can at least look to Noella, an exhibition hound representing Australia. She is a former Westminster dog show reserve champion, and she won her first best in show title two years ago.

How do the National Dog Show and Westminster do it?

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