Hong Kong Consul General Discusses Record Events Of Another Strange Medicine

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Hong Kong Consul General, Stuart Jeffrey talks with Kilmeade & Friends about Record Events of another strange medicine flowing out of China recently and how the Hong Kong government will properly deal with the tainted brew.

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Vice president of the Hong Kong National Party warns the media should not report on links between Hong Kong governments and Chinese communist party.

Alan Leong introduces his new book “Right Turn: Hong Kong’s Resistance to the Dragon Dynasty.”

Alan Leong is a socialist activist and director of the Anti-Corruption Committee Hong Kong. He’s also a professor at the University of Hong Kong’s SOAS department of political studies. A former leader of the Hong Kong National Party and an advocate of Chinese Communist Party control in Hong Kong, Leong says he’s concerned that reports in the British and American media are giving credence to charges that Xi Jinping is attempting to lead a one party state in Hong Kong. Watch his full interview on Kilmeade & Friends here.

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