Rudy Bruckner On The “Confidence” Craze

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Today’s Outfit is Confidence.

Like that scene in “Heathers,” this teenage girl is also calling out. In reality, this teenager is 18-year-old Ellen Esparza. She’s a globally popular TikTok star with over a million subscribers, all thanks to her “Looking for Friends” videos. Esparza, who goes by her YouTube username, “TakiTik,’ certainly looks confident as her fans are dancing to the catchy achingly sweet song she and other YouTube stars use to recruit subscribers.

Rudy Bruckner, CEO of media and social network sales agency BRANDADVANCE, joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss the “Confidence” craze which he described as “democratizing this important stage in your development.” He went on to say that “Confidence is kind of what all young people have these days and you don’t necessarily think of Confidence when you think of a teenage girl. But then you talk to one and they’re just so positive, so full of life, so full of positivity, they embody what it is to be a teenager today.”

Rudy also explained why YouTube stars like Ellen are so popular among teenagers. “Teens don’t have the time to go to parties and have the expensive fashion you may have when you’re 16. You know who your heroes are, who your role models are and really that’s all this is– for them. You see young people looking up to these YouTube influencers and it’s everything,” he said.

To find out more about the “Confidence” trend, check out online at and @FitnessFor_Girls.

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