12 powerful films about women of color in history

Written by Shelby Rose, Special to CNN

Based on a diverse collection of original artists and cultural icons, Hidden Figures is a powerful and thoughtful look at American history, by and for students of all ages.

As the subject of the production’s title, Hidden Figures is largely self-explanatory, but this biopic also shows us how systemic barriers prevented women of color from reaching their full potential. This perspective challenges the status quo and forces us to reconsider how much progress we have made and how much further we have to go.

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The diverse perspective provided by these woman plays into the film’s themes; these inspiring women were given opportunities few others were allowed to have. Hidden Figures speaks to individuals whose genius, genius nonetheless, is often overshadowed by education, race, gender and other barriers.

Alexandra Codina is a Film Editor for CNN en Español

In the movie, Katherine Johnson is well known for her accomplishments with NASA, one of the most influential global organizations of the 20th century.

When the film first premiered it received mixed reviews and audiences were split as to whether the film was academically or artistically accurate. Despite these criticisms, the critically acclaimed movie has gone on to be seen by many who may not otherwise have been exposed to this story and many who would have otherwise had no opportunity to learn about these women.

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