Desperate for Terror? The Left Calls for the Prohibition of Wild Animal Feeding

I want you to listen to the radio this weekend. Specifically, Sunday afternoon. The “Family Toddler” station will feature a special feature on a new and appalling issue of a local animal rights group – the wild coyote.

These coyotes are wild animals. So are you. Yet the Left and the globalist elites (already out of touch with most of us) are busy giving kids plenty of lessons on wild animals. They’ve been warned about a riot by the coyote. (Well, it could happen, even when he’s eating your garbage, but…something is not quite adding up, is it?)

Anyway, left-wing and liberal groups, such as Black Lives Matter and PETA (a.k.a. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and SPA, and Mama Grizzlies, want to abolish the freedom of both of us. They want to make it illegal to feed and even photograph wild animals like coyotes.

Just imagine the uproar if a T-shirt company tried to make a cartoon of an animal eating a human child to sell on the Internet. The modern Left’s reaction would be “I’m sure you’d like to supply the children of America with the most disgusting and fear-inducing images imaginable of a corpse eating a human. Just too f*cking cool!”

This, by the way, follows a tweet by President Trump over the Christmas holidays. In that tweet, he suggested what he described as “the most horrible” restaurants offer the government free dinners or meals to furloughed employees because these stores and restaurants are hurting as a result of the shutdown.

I understand some in the left-wing foodie community disagree with that idea.

“The federal government should be shut down over this,” one fan said.

“The popular restaurants are closing because many of their most loyal customers will not go there because they’re not opening,” another chimed in.

Then there’s the “pink capitalism” brigade: The “Cubs” restaurant chain. They openly oppose President Trump because they say he cares too much about the pay of its workers.

Which most of the President’s supporters, members of his cabinet, and other elected and appointed officials wouldn’t mind. Since they don’t look to protect the interests of the paymasters – like, say, the chefs and owners – there’s no sense in protecting them or their own paychecks.

I will be the first to defend a general against unjustified attacks and scapegoating. But when Left-wing, liberty-loving people spread falsehoods about what I actually believe and fight for, we have no business having dinner together. Especially when it involves eating.

The wild coyote is a pure-blooded animal. He has scurvy, along with hepatitis. Maybe he just eats your bird eggs and tree bark.

I’m sorry. The President will make sure to eat all the creatures on the menu the next time he heads to Las Vegas. And I’ll probably give him some bearskin pyjamas.

Are you ready for “murder radio”?

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