Wonder Woman Writer Diana Gordon

Why do you love your messy apartment? Some rooms are messier than others. Mine is very messy. I’m always like, “Oh, that’s neat” or “We have limited space here,” or something like that. It is sometimes fun to go, but sometimes it can be a little boring.

What’s so great about the mess in your apartment, though? It’s very cluttered, and it makes it fun. It has that energy, and there’s really no going back. I work in New York — I couldn’t get away with a straight-wall room. And then when I’m back in L.A., I have that same energy, just in a way that’s different, but the same energy — I’m going to work in this messier room, just to make it fun.

How do you decorate with all that stuff? I’m always happy with my end tables and my shelves, but I’m so happy with my accent furniture. I like to live with things that I want to get to know, I’m always looking for information about, and I like bookshelves because I can write on them in the middle of the night. When I’m looking for furniture, I can read the bookshelves, and I love textiles and pillows.

What’s the best part of your apartment, and the worst part? The worst part of my apartment is my messy kitchen. But the best part is that I have an incredibly flexible bed. I have like one third of my head in that bed. Sometimes I have friends over. They end up like, “Oh, I wish I were born in the Eighties” and the whole bed just folds back and goes back.

You’re on our Face to Face panel of women. What do you love about your podcast companion, Pounding the Rock, and what would you like listeners to know about the show? I like the podcast because it’s the most honest thing I do that I’ve ever done. The podcast was my life. I started it — I’m a freelance writer, but I’m in college — with a smartphone. The first episode is about the things I started with the smartphone.

Why do you love this podcast? I love Pounding the Rock because it’s just me, and I hate it when other podcasts have panels of women talking, because I feel like they’re not going to talk to each other the way I will. They’re going to talk to women who look like me, who are out there, who live in their lives, who are celebrities, and we’re just not going to do that. I love that we don’t take it too seriously and we’re just going to keep having fun.

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