Marvel Two-in-One #6: Real ripples from the Source Wall — Roxane Gay

In the second Marvel Universe Two-in-One #6, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Danny Rand are poised to cross paths with old friends, new enemies, and old stories as they assemble to confront the Source Wall. For much of this issue, Luke and Danny are working to find a way past their psychological conflict, forming a team of Nightforce and Wildcat to infiltrate the Source Wall and probe its secrets.

The New Variant really stands out as the team assembles and Jessica asks her brother, Trish, “What made you do this?” With a quick roll of her eyes and a glance toward Danny, Trish says, “I still get that Luke Cage feeling, feeling like I’m in the middle of some kind of telepathic wormhole. …”

What makes Jessica feel this way, why does her brother feel the same way, and what are those “warped pulses,” as Danny hints? We dive deep into the mysterious Variant with a little help from the writers and artists of New Two-in-One.

— Mark Petty, Web Editor

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