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The South African ShopShop is home to one of the largest artisans’ markets in the country and sits on a hill above Cape Town. Click on the image below to see our interactive map and highlights.

You can submit personal recommendations for what goods to buy on the site (which is a self-serve function) – we’ve already uploaded quite a few!

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SA retailer K&B told Business Insider:

The ShopShop connects craftspeople and artists directly with buyers, encouraging consumers to explore a whole spectrum of traditional skills and innovative use of natural materials.

The end product is a marketplace where products sourced from artisans and sellers are available for purchase. Among the most notable are linocuts, papier-mâché masks, plaids, handbags, African clothing, antiques, toys, candles, fabrics, papers, textiles, sweets, prints, chocolates, skateboards, wooden toys, crafts, lanterns, tools, toys, coffee roasters, candle and basket making, figurines, boxes, crystal glass, candles, mirrors, earrings, backgammon and blinds.

By fulfilling orders, the South African ShopShop curates a curated selection of over 350 handpicked product lines across a diverse range of categories and material sources from around the world.

Fine craftwork is the overarching theme, highlighting sustainable and interdisciplinary craft traditions and techniques. Visual influences range from mythology, nature, mythology, fantasy, jewellery, indigenous crafts, textiles, toys, woodwork, printmaking, architecture, pottery, cloth, etc.

There is an archive and a suggestion section – offer your input on products and suggest new products that your local artisans are selling.


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Map: What you’ll see if you visit South Africa’s ShopShop

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