A guide to channel-agnostic expertise

At the recent Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, 800,000 volunteer-certified nurses treated more than 30,000 athletes and officials. The Health Canada (Canada’s federal health department) commissioned these volunteers from companies such as Path, Canadian Blood Services and Physiotherapy Canada to work, free of charge, at designated clinics. This proved to be incredibly valuable in keeping Olympic competitors safe and healthy.

Anyone with a cutting-edge piece of technology needs only one expert to do a properly set up or complete a professional customer-service experience. My research group called this expertise “channel-agnostic expertise.” So if your experience in the “Channel-Agnostic” sector starts with Amazon, then that is the expert you need to add a tablet, wearable computing device, and a zoom lens and it all adds up to giving an expert. We know that what gets done in a single station on a panel should happen across every station that starts with a panel.

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