Sam Sebastian, CFBA: “Armory International Art Fair”, Another way of playing with fine objects

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When you think of an art fair, it may come to mind a bearded man in an anorak and ascot hunting for the finest table cloths, paintings and canvas panels. But there’s a second way of playing with fine objects with a caveat, that is if you have the money.

FOX’s Ashley Papa has more from New York City:

Happening now, at the Hudson River Park at Pier 57 in New York City: an art fair called Armory.

About the fair, curator Sam Sebastian, who’s working on the exhibition, says it’s a virtual auction. Items are listed from a catalog, in which they’re priced by the third person.

So the art world sells off its art fair wares in such a way that people will pay for these pieces and we’re making money on the thing in the process.

So how does it feel to watch your work go up for auction?

The curator says the artists who participate are generally volunteers and they’re there with the intention of being bought. Some of the items have no price mark-up, just because they’re already being sold.

And this is the 21st annual Armory International art fair.

In New York, Ashley Papa, FOX News.

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