New York’s Thanksgiving-Themed Dinners

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Just in time for the holiday season, we show you how to make traditional chickpea recipes, similar to the ones served at Thanksgiving.

FOX’s Ashley Papa has more from New York City:

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Meeting everyone, your family and your friends in between the festivities.

(Dorsey) “It’s a great weekend to go out to a Thanksgiving party, a brisket joint, whatever you want to call it.”

Joel Dorsey of the Oakmeadow Grill in Paramus, New Jersey, a big turkey fan, cooking his bird one way and his macaroni and cheese one way. And at every Thanksgiving Day party, Dorsey makes his mac & cheese.

(Dorsey) “The reason it’s simple, sweet and cheesy and sits out in the forefront of my mind on Thanksgiving Day while I go out and tell you the real story of the turkey.”

No worries about an ingredient shortage, thanks to Dorsey’s mac, you can always go with a veggie salad later.

I’m Ashley Papa, FOX News.

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