Meet golf’s first child prodigy

Written by by Staff Writer

Roger Bennett, CNN

Meet Dorothy Kusiak. If you think this Australian golfer isn’t on the world stage today, you’re probably right.

“In 1967 I was seven years old and a child prodigy.”

“At the age of eight I was already a junior pro and by the age of 10 I was first runner-up in amateur tournament in Australia.”

However, at the age of 11, a bit of a change happened. She started to think about something a little different.

“At the age of 11, the Girl’s Golf Association asked me to model and I loved it, it was just wonderful.”

Those pictures show Kusiak getting models out of the gutter.

“That was when I realized you don’t have to play golf just to be a golfer, you could be any sport.”

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Despite what she saw and felt growing up, Kusiak was never involved in women’s golf until she went to university in the late 1960s.

“Even when I was 11 years old I didn’t know there was a women’s golf. It was just common knowledge for boys to play golf.”

“As a little girl, I never felt that was a possibility.”

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