Europe snow: Which parts of the US are still welcoming visitors?

Image copyright PA Image caption Tourism is a cash cow for many counties

As the snow drifts pile up and schools remain closed in the UK, America is still welcoming its visitors back.

Snow on the US has led to a travel slump, with 11 in 10 worried about getting to the USA.

Despite some urging caution, some users on travel site TripAdvisor shared their excitement at being back in the USA.

But others have been less positive – referring to the snow with derision or criticism.

Cycling – which could prove to be another holiday target for the UK during the lull – is listed as one of the top six things to do in South America.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Trampolines are a popular sport in much of America

Nevada is named among the top ten destinations.

Image copyright REUTERS Image caption Visitors can also play golf for a fee in Nevada

Trail running, the snowboarding-friendly sport favoured by Brits – and still beloved by many US visitors – is not on the list.

Infectious disease outbreaks on holiday are another possible cause for concern in some of the states.

Lashings of cold, that common friend of travelling – flu – are a common fixture among the travellers to the US.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Many people in the UK did not want to pay for an airline ticket, so may have just stayed home instead

Even in places where the snow is being tamped down, the climate is thought to still favour heavier showers.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Workers in a Pennsylvania factory said they were happy to have their place ploughed clear to keep the road safe

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption They said a thaw had restored some of the light, fluffy snow

Although a poor travel for everyone, the snowfall in the US has also led to the construction of snow sports venues for the spring and summer sports season.

“We have been clearing snow from as many parts of US routes as possible since the snow started,” said Steve Norris, spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, told the Daily Mail.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption In Florida, snow falls on some of the beaches in Key West

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Arizona has also been seeing snowfall

In the US, earlier this month, a hotel building firm in Detroit reported a 130% jump in bookings for their winter resort.

There are around 64 million Americans living abroad, almost half of them in Florida.

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