Husband-and-wife lottery couple now wins seven-figure jackpot

A woman in Florida has won yet another lottery ticket. This time, however, this won’t be for another five years… at least.

CNN reported that Sandra Baum purchased the ticket after buying her lunch at a convenience store.

Baum told the Florida Lottery that she only bought the ticket to watch the Duke vs. Villanova match in the NCAA tournament’s men’s Final Four — but she won anyway.

Not only did she take home a winner’s check for a little more than $33 million, but she also guaranteed her ticket will be paid off in 15 years.

“As soon as I found out, I called my good friend,” Baum said. “And I kissed him. It was worth it.”

She also said she plans to pay off her home and her charity of choice.

“When I came home, I was on a mission,” Baum said. “I’ve got a whole family of people to help.”

Baum purchased the ticket at the Walmart on Linton Boulevard in Jacksonville, Florida.

She’s not the only woman who has won big with a lottery ticket. A woman in Oak Ridge, Tennessee who bought a ticket on a rainy Friday night in 2016 hit the jackpot in the Megabucks game.

Lulli Eberling collected the windfall of $15 million in October 2017, the Associated Press reported. She told WKRN-TV that she, her husband and their two young children, were planning to celebrate with the prize money in a festive celebration.

“I’m a very live and go kind of person,” Eberling said, adding, “I’m so overjoyed that I cried!”

A woman from Florida who bought a ticket in the $5 Mega Millions ticket three years earlier is also reportedly set to hit the jackpot. With the amount currently pegged at $430 million, a win by Marie Holmes, who won in 2014, would provide her with about $240 million for the year.

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