Docudiazepine: patient had been taking drug before her death

The community at the Wellcome Centre for Health Protection in Cardiff have raised concerns over the nature of the treatment that a patient receiving the drug aduhelm received. The patient died and initial tests from toxicology and histopathology indicated that her death was due to “organ failure”.

The patient had being having treatment with aduhelm for three months prior to her death.

It is understood that she was having treatment with aduhelm (docudiazepine) for an undetermined number of days. It was during this time that she became unconscious and died.

It is unclear whether she died due to a dizziness disorder, seizure disorder or other conditions that could have been cause of death.

Early reports indicate that she went into respiratory arrest and died of respiratory failure. The cause of death and toxicology tests are yet to be completed, however initial tests indicate that the drugs she had been taking played a role in her death.

The Wellcome Centre for Health Protection has requested further information from manufacturer Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients which manufactures the drug. They have also called for further information from the NHS Trust which also administered the drug.

The Trust in question are hosting a press conference tomorrow afternoon. To view the press conference video click here. To read the complete press release click here.

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