Ambush, Suicide and Now a Russian Mine Blast in Syria

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Ambush, Suicide and Now a Russian Mine Blast in Syria.

It’s getting worse and worse for President Trump, as the U.S. withdraws and adds more civil war to the chaos in the Middle East. Russian President Vladimir Putin says that the U.S. withdrawal from Syria is bad news for all Middle Eastern nations.

The situation in Syria was worse off when President Trump left than it was when he arrived there. Russia has doubled down. The U.S. has pulled back its number of troops which Russia now has its sights set on. Also today at the State Department, Special Counsel Robert Mueller revealed his grand jury subpoenas of Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter. All have information on possible Russian involvement in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Kamal Hadi joined The Todd Starnes Show to explain how the situation in Syria is spiraling out of control and it’s only going to get worse. Listen to the conversation.

Also today President Trump asked the U.S. Congress to move forward with the authorization for use of military force against the Islamic State group.

Todd Starnes, Fox News Radio’s Producer in Florida joined The Todd Starnes Show to discuss the latest developments including the Russian mine blast killing dozens of humanitarian workers in Syria. Listen to the conversation.

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