Alessandro Del Piero and Gonzalo Higuain: Why Madrid’s Lopez & Juventus’ Del Piero Could Help Each Win Best Player

With the highly anticipated announcement of who was chosen as the winner of the 2017 Ballon d’Or for the year in which he won the French Premier League and the Champions League, Monaco’s English striker, Gonzalo Higuain was remarkably silent.

Alessandro Del Piero, his former teammate at Juventus, was in Tashkent to witness the moment, and he finally put a pin in the rumor that his old teammate had won the trophy himself.

Del Piero: “He’s not one to tell people that he has won something.”👀 — Pádraig Reidy (@Pádraig_Reidy) August 31, 2017

Why? Because while Higuain is the favorite to take home the trophy, he is probably best known for another famous player. When Del Piero won his trophy in 1999, he beat Ronaldo, whom he was reportedly close to playing for. Del Piero reportedly said his intention was to defeat Ronaldo because the Brazilian had always put Ronaldo first. Del Piero knew that Ronaldo would have committed the same if he had won a similar tournament in his home country.

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