What happens when you invite celebrities to volunteer at a homeless shelter

Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim are the developers and co-creators of award-winning show “The Mindy Project,” but their hearts and minds are in volunteering.

They recently appeared on “CBS This Morning” to reflect on the Thanksgiving they spent helping out at Washington’s Rainbow House homeless shelter.

“It’s been incredible to be in that moment … serving a hot Thanksgiving meal and seeing how many guests this year came and made a commitment to be somewhere more hopeful and to learn how to better themselves,” Stause said.

Oppenheim found out about this project while listening to the Los Angeles Traveling Film Festival. He was obsessed with the idea and called out to his bosses to help make it happen.

“Tons to be thankful for, but you know, it does make you angry about the world we live in,” Oppenheim said.

In addition to bringing special fun or games to some of the homeless — one day they put face masks on young boys and handed them masks of the most popular superheroes — they’ve become very fond of the project’s saying: “If you’re broken, be broken in seven minutes,” and they wrap each visit with holiday cards for the guests.

“You’re breathing, you’re smiling, you’re making people happy, you’re singing,” Oppenheim said. “You’re making their day.”

You can learn more about Oppenheim and Stause’s efforts at adopt.rainbowhouse.org.

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