Furious Formula Karters vow to keep fighting for their championship win

When James Nickerson and partner Andrew Nichols won the British Formula Karts championship, the former represented Team LGB Racing while the latter steered Forza Racing. Now, one year later, the two are finding themselves in a dispute over the disputed victory. After last Sunday’s race at Brands Hatch, Nickerson vented his fury at Forza Racing owner Nick Collins over the punishment he received for shaking hands with Nichols during the race. According to the International Motor Sport governing body the FIA, the FIA Automobile and Sports Federation (FIA), Nickerson was sanctioned “for repeatedly shaking his fist at opposing driver Andrew Nichols.” The FIA told Motorsport.com: “In exchange for the formality of shaking hands at the end of the race, the driver of the losing team awarded first place to the winner is expected to sign his team car.” However, Nickerson vented his anger at Collins in an interview after the race. “We thought it’d all be fine, until he shook our hands. He did give the usual ‘fist pump’, which was meant to be for the other team,” he said. The Frenchman then claimed his win was subsequently revoked by the FIA, for “forging” evidence presented by Nickerson. “The FIA found that the American and Croatian Federation had doctored evidence as to when James put his left hand towards my right hand and apparently put my left hand through the window,” he said. “They admitted that during the investigation they had misled the FIA by acknowledging they had exaggerated the evidence.” Collins’ team tried to have the FIA’s ruling annulled, but the appeal was turned down. Roberts said he did not challenge the FIA’s decision directly to UK Sport, arguing he had been advised not to by the technical manager of the IMSF. However, he is using media reports about the case to call for tougher punishment for officials. Nickerson could face a seven-point deduction on his licenses, effectively ending his hopes of being selected to represent Great Britain in the 2022 world championships.

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