Foo Fighters Perform During Blue Whale Amphitheater Concert

-Performing under a blue whale.

On Thursday, the Foo Fighters performed at a concert at the Vancouver Blue Whale aquarium as part of its inaugural “Fresh For Life” music festival.

The “blue whale” is a type of sea creature said to be called that because it’s the largest species of fish that live in the oceans. The two-hour concert started at 10 a.m. local time and ended at 3 p.m. Pacific.

Video of the concert posted to Instagram, showed all of the various bands performing outdoors, including the Grammy award-winning band members of the Foo Fighters.

Food truck trucks also took part in the festival, including The Wrong Kind of Rare, The Blue Lions, The Blowfish, Brock’s Pub, The Post Production Room, VFW Thunderdome, and Snoopy’s Restaurant.

#FallonandBruh! First Show at the Blue Whale amphitheater!!! A post shared by Blue Whale (@thebluewhale) on Oct 4, 2018 at 4:48pm PDT

The Seattle-based band put out two new albums, Concrete and Gold and Stories Don’t End, this year.

Although any whale is still thought to be endangered, the sea life currently is still sustainable. There have been healthy numbers of the species, particularly around the Southern Hemisphere.

The Blue Whale’s inaugural “Fresh For Life” music festival is set to continue with more musical performances.

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