Disney Outbreak Reflects The Stark Reality Of Sickness And Disease

By Gregg Lemko

Contributing writer

A majority of the U.S. private health insurance companies (as measured by their earnings estimates) are failing in this expanding disaster a day: They are missing out on dollars, lost profits, political and public attention, and likely legal liability for lack of anti-contagion protocols.

Less than 48 hours ago, Disney announced a major flu outbreak, but was “intensely focused” on investigating as well as responding to the disease. The Disney World company structure, systems, and controls seem to be a prescription for public false profits, yet toiling under the ObamaCare ethos, that is winning wider consumer acceptance today. The outbreak was both terribly timed and equally disastrous given the fact it occurred at the height of the “Disney season” which is the high-season from the Japanese tourist interest on Florida vacations. All in all, the Disney outbreak gave international news media and a temporary meme that “it’s contagious” will forever change the climate for Americans in meeting their health challenges.

The hilarious yet coincidental great influenza pandemic due to lo and behold the phrase “it’s contagious,” will forever change how anti-influenza vigilantism being unleashed by small, hyper-enthusiastic doctors like Bruce McLaughlin, will work for more widespread economic disaster. Pharmacies will become major denial markets with unwitting front line healthcare providers defenseless from lawsuits.

McLaughlin, along with an adoring industry, has waited almost 15 years for licensure, and recently over-watered a strain that, as we recently saw with several highly fatal cases of flu occur, spreads infinitely much more rapidly than normal influenza strains, until it dies down. My suggestion: Take your closest agent and leave town with your wife or girlfriend, or retire before you get incinerated. If you are insured, that is!

It’s undeniable to me that the original cause is why this GAN network is in position to make a potentially debilitating mental and epidemiological battle. Of course, minor concomitant consequences, such as neurologic problems and other possible exposures, are all possible this time. But there is no way to overlook the apocalyptic consequences.

What this episode speaks to and explains to us is no less than the size of an unknowable and potentially lethal contamination system upon a climate that was unprepared for pandemic, and it certainly stems from a few very loud, specially-invoked individuals dominating our political and public health discourse today.

And whatever plans are in place have now been lost or quickly degraded by the Omicron variant.

Gregg Lemko writes from Fayetteville, NC. He served as a White House Assistant Press Secretary in the Bush administration. His latest book is “Beyond Baghdad: Taking the White House by Storm.”

Gregg Lemko contributed this article to CityWatch.

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