Bryan Adams test positive for marijuana

Bryan Adams has confirmed on Twitter that he’s once again tested positive for marijuana after his legal advisor was quoted as saying he had tested positive in November.

Adams shared a picture on his Twitter page from his home with the headline “I haven’t smoked in months. Thank you PMHS”. He also retweeted the story from Neil Miller of Sports Illustrated, which read: “Bryan Adams is officially worried about the health of his dogs after he got two surprise c-sections of puppies at the same time. The singer’s veterinarians found elevated levels of THC in his urine in November, but since then, the chemical in marijuana has been in gradual decline.”

I haven’t smoked in months. Thank you. — Bryan Adams (@BryanAdams) December 18, 2018

Later in the day, Adams was asked by a fan on Twitter about his drug tests and whether he might be under the influence of cannabis. “When I had the doctors tell me I couldn’t smoke for 15 days I did everything I could to fix it. When I got it to 15 days I could still barely wake up and while I drank coffee and drank tea and ate bananas, I was just torturing myself. I finally figured it out.”

“No,” he told another user. “I’m telling you it’s not my fault.”

The singer has had cannabis in his system since he first “smoked” in the mid-70s. He has disclosed the medical history of his conditions on previous occasions, telling Maclean’s Magazine in 2016: “I have had several seizures in the early-80s where my epilepsy threw me off. I had an eye doctor say to me, ‘You look very different,’ and when I went in for an MRI he said, ‘Your left eye looks totally different than your right.’ And then the [paramedics] arrived, and the look in their eyes said it all. The epilepsy hadn’t happened. But my doctor said, ‘I want you to buy a rolling joint.’ So I bought one and I felt completely different. I kept thinking about it for years. When I got sober, that was the one thing I found out.”

Before this week’s positive test, Adams had also said that he was on a strict pot-free regimen, even though his legal advisor told the Globe and Mail that marijuana had once again been found in his system.

“I take marijuana every day,” he told the Globe in June. “If I’m going to be clean, I take it every day. When you have a treat [like weed], you just have to accept that you’re going to put it on your tongue. I get headaches but that’s about it.”

After his first positive test in November, Adams joked on Twitter that “We know that the new year is upon us and 2019 will be the year that we all stamp out these unruly and negative people from the Earth. We know it and you know it, too.”

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